NAILS AVE. is located in Spruce Grove, AB. We offer high-quality products for your nails and body. Our staff are Certified Nail Technicians and Estheticians.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free

No Harsh Chemicals for your nails & body. Our products are both safe for clients & staff as we do not use acetone, solvents or acids.

Certified Technicians and Estheticians

Ensuring our staff have all the education to look after your hands, feet & body. We also provide continued education to support our staff's growth and development.

High quality products

Proudly using LCN products for your hands & feet. LCN are flexible, non-yellowing, highly durable, lightweight-feels like your natural nails customizable- for clients with oily, brittle, thin, damaged or healthy nails.

Enjoy the Difference

I was so happy to find this hidden gem in Spruce Grove! Amazing customer service, very clean, and high quality services. Thank you Abby for all my amazing appointments


I have been to this location a number of times now. With my spouse, friend, and just for solo treatments. The staff here are fantastic, and the atmosphere is gorgeous. The owner takes a lot of pride in her staff's work and shop appearance. They always provide amazing service no matter what type of treatment you want.

Alexie Obrigewitch

Abby did a stunning job on my nails. They’re the perfect shape, and I’m extremely picky! They’re smooth by the cuticle (no lumpy ridge), even colour application and not too wide or thick. The salon is very clean, very modern and very comfortable.

Katelyn Lindberg