includes anti-microbial soaking, exfoliation, nail cutting, cuticle pushing, trimming, shaping, buffing, callous care and application of anti-microbial base coat, your favourite vegan nail polish and top coat. Finish up with our super hydrating mask, heel balm and cuticle oil disinfectant and hot towel. Add Paraffin for improved blood circulation or/and a 10 Min. Relaxation Massage for an ultimate spa experience.

No Polish
Regular Polish
Reg Polish + Paraffin
Reg Polish + 10 min. Massage
Reg Polish + Paraffin + 10 min. Massage
Gel Polish
Gel Polish + Removal
Gel Polish + 10 min. Massage
Gel Polish + Removal + 10 min. Massage
Gel Polish + Removal + Paraffin+ 10 min. Massage
Gel Polish + Removal + Hydrating Urea Mask + 10 minute Massage + Paraffin


Men's Pedi
Men's Pedi+ Paraffin
Men's Pedi + 10 min. Massage
Men's Pedi + Paraffin + 10 min. Massage

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